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RavenCoin RTX 3070 ti

Hi, I just started my first rig with three 3070 ti. I saw a lot of post on how to setup the cards so if your are new to this here are some tips I have learned myself.
1- Same cards of the same manufacturer can be different.

As you can see I have 2 MSI Ventus 3x and I’m still making some arrangements, so take a reference configuration and start tweaking.
2- Don’t hesitate to contact others, about this if I can help you with your rig feel welcome to send me a message.
3- Please take all safety measures, on your dashboard you can set temp limits as hashrate minimums in case your rig doesn’t behave the way you want.

I’ll be adding 5 new cards in the next 2 month so I’ll be updating my journey. Have a great day and happy mining!

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