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Ravencoin minning

Hi ,

I need your help

i have 2 rigs one with 6 gpu rx580 x4gb and 6 gpu rx570 4gb

both rigs absorbe 800-900 w.

Is any chance to lower power ?

One rig produce 60-65 mh.
Is any chance to improve hashrate ans lower consumtion ?

This depends on what is your goal - get max hashrate or get low power consumption.
For example, using TeamRedMiner and with proper OC you can get ~14MH/s per GPU and ~80MH/s from the rig. Of-course it will cost 1kW from the wall.
Play with OC and get more comfortable numbers for power consumption.

Thanks for your answer.65 mh wifth 800w at thee wall is a good choice ?