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Ravencoin lite

hello , i want to mine ravencoin lite since it s fairly new but when i do a new flight sheet i can’t find ravencoin lite (RVL) in the coins section even though it’s listed on the supported coins plus i saw a guy on youtube and he has it listed

so do i have to something in order to get it listed


U gotta make a custom flight sheet like i did , it’s working for me properly
u can configure it through the Miner itself (teamredminer config for me ) and make it custom

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what to type in template section ?

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nvm i figured it out

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great ! happy to help ya

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Has anybody some hints for overclocking settings for the Nvidia RTX 3070?

from what i read and what i tried , there are no oc for x16r algo , just leave everything at stock , the hashrate will keep bouncing no matter what

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I understood there are oc improvements, just that its damn hard to figure out as the rates jump up and down constantly… I’ve just copied some from elsewhere but it’s a slow process to confirm if anything’s better or worse.

I’ve been playing with it yesterday and this is the variability I’ve had without making any changes the last 24 hours.

Testing is only possible if you have several cards of the same type, since the hashrate jumps up and down simultaneously.

I’ve tried several OC settings, but the miner stopped working several times.

This is actual:

Since now, just 1 short stop of the miner.

As you can see GPU 4-8 needs less power, but makes the same hashrate.

Over night I tried:

Core: 250
Mem: 2400
PL: 170

But with this settings I had several problems with the miner.

I have a second rig with 3x 3070 without any OC setting and this is working without any issues.

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Hi, my EVGA RTX 3070 (Non-LHR) XC3 does good with
Core 100 Mem 1800 PL135
Hope, that helps.

does anyone have good OC settings for 3070 non LHR?

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