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Raven coin suprnova help

raven suprnova sample photo please .

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what is the problem ?



change password to --> x
change pool url --> %URL%

make sure that hive can see the GPUs properly and nvidia drivers are installed properly and the cards appeared in green

I change it

continue the same way


for rvn mining use the below overclock settings
core 100 ( x16r doesn’t allow high overclock, 100 should be enough, specially for highend cards like 1080+ )
mem 100 ( X16r doesn’t utilize memory much , 1200 is too much )
power 170 ( cause x16r use extra power )
after you do the overclock settings … make sure it is uploaded to the rig properly and reboot the rig

if these didn’t work , i suggest you format the usb drive and do a fresh copy imgage of hiveos

only problem suprnova poll .

I use suprnova pool and it works fine for me
if you want some help , you can delegate me an access to your hiveos farm and i can assist you ( using access tab in hiveos farm )

I have the same problem with RVN at suprnova half of my miner is connected and working well and other half don’t want to connect to suprnova,i try with other pools and working well!
I try to put password x ,also i try to change names and make new workers but not worth!
I am not beginner in this but i have no more idea!I insist suprnova because other pools are 5-15% less in results than suprnova ,i try about 10 top listed pools!With suprnova i can get the results from calculators easy other pools not!
Any more idea?