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Raptoreum, load average / reducing cores w GPU mining?

When first running raptoreum on my rigs I’ve let it run all cores.
I haven’t noticed a decrease in hash rate on the gpus but I have a high load average (expected)
one CPU 3800x gets very hot 91c and thats with a noctua dh15 on it.
Should I reduce the cores? would that help with load average and heat?

undervolt in the bios, no reason to run at stock voltage levels for RTM.

Its a part time gaming computer, cores locked 42.5 and 3.75vcore
Any suggestions on what to set it to?

3800x as in ryzen? 3.75v would kill that instantly lol. i typically run my ryzens around 3.6-4ghz @1000-1050mv

Lol sorry 1.375 vcore

are you mining in hive or windows? 1.375v is a silicon lottery loser if thats as low as you could go.

I removed the all core and undervolted

assuming youre gaming in windows, not sure if youre mining in hive or windows. you can use ryzen master to set your gaming oc, and bios to set your mining oc.

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