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Random GPU detected dead


I have an Octominer X12 rig, use hiveos, 12x 6700XT mining rvn with trm and r mode.
I was able to achieve at one point stability - 5 days of uptime and then random GPU dead started appearing causing the rig to restart.
I’m attaching screenshot of my hiveos dashboard and last miner crashlog.
I’m running out of ideas what to do at this point, rig seems stable at times and then randomly crash at others.

Adjust oc (lower) and or voltage(higher) on the cards that crash.

Ok, I’m already doing that but it seems I’m not getting anywhere.
Follow up question, for the following crash do I only need to do it for GPU7 or for others as well?

Most likely yes, that’s the card that crashed the driver requiring a restart to reset it. But it could be a different card that crashes it next time. Continue reducing oc on the crashing card and rebooting until it’s stable

friend, did you manage to solve the problem with the card? I’m trying to mine kawpow with trm but I get this error… Can you help me?

follow the steps above for your gpus also