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Radiant mining - duplicated share

Hello all!

I mining RXD with Bzminer v12.1.1.
My card is: Gigabyte RTX2060 6GB version…

I dont know why, but bzminer generated rejected shares…

“Error” reason: radiant solution rejected: code: 22, message: duplicate share (104ms)

I tried another pool and another OC settings, but no change.

Maybe this is normal?

You can try manually updating to the latest beta bzminer, which likely will fix this based on what I’ve seen, or wait until there is a new official release of bzminer with the improvements included.

Also, check out some YouTube videos on kaspa overclocks with bzminer, these work well for radiant as well, better clocks should be able to cut your power draw considerably.

I use same OC settings as kaspa…
I updated the latest beta bzminer… so… now I wait…

I’m saying there are much better settings, that have been covered by quite a few YouTubers that go into detail, you should be able to trim your power draw by 40% or so.

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Yes, I know, but the consumption is not important at the moment… :wink:

If you use efficient and effective OC settings, you will be able to gain hashrate for the same amount of watts, since consumption is not a problem. But, you can do as you wish :wink: