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Radeon vii .. wich algorithm to choose

Hi , there !

Greetings !

I bought 3 pcs radeon vii /hynix mem/ , with risk of course /code 43/.I expect 3 more.

Wich algorithm to choose ? Whrere they are best ? What advise can you give me ?
In this moment i mine ergo with settings in picture.No mem tweaks.

Also please , share your overclock settings for different algos , hasrate , wattage.Cant find actual info for this cards.I’v seen ergo hashrate was above 200 mh/s for radeon vii and vega’s , but this was before an year , may be.

Thanks !

200mh was before a hard fork, so that isn’t possible anymore. Your best bet are memory heavy algos but they’re not too profitable since the merge.

Thanks !

Can you mention some?
I don’t pay electricity at the moment.

check or

Is memory straps changes reflected for kawpow or not ?
because on ergo - straps do nothing.

Thanks !

Come on , friends , share your settings to ergo , ravencoin …

Look :

I’m not bragging, I just spent a lot of time with these cards this 3-4 days… and no one help.

Can you tell me memory dependant alogs , please ?

Thanks !

Did you look at the sites I mentioned?

HiveOS is a scalable operating system which supports miner software. You might want to review the specific miner sites which support VIIs in addition to the sites Keaton suggested.

Not many of us with a stack of VIIs are running them right now because we pay for electricity.

I was messing around with VTC and KAS dual mining if you are bored:

I look , but cant find wich algos are core , wich are mem dependant.
Now i am with ergo , autolycos.For me its a core dependand , because what i do with memeory - hashrate is the same.When play with core - hashrate plays too.

Any way …thanks for the answers !

What can i get like max to optimal hashrate mining kaspa with radeon vii ?

Thanks !

Example above with KAS is in the range until you push core clocks higher.
The small amount of VTC seemed to burn up the unused memory portion and only driving the power consumption up by single digit wattage.

Net: the KAS numbers above should be middle range, more efficiency is possible to the lower end, more hash rate is possible with more core power added.

Hi !

Is there radeon vii users mining ergo here ?

Some folks chat in the TeamRedMiner areas.