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Radeon VII Support


I am paying for HiveOS and have been waiting quite awhile for support for Radeon VII. I have all my other rigs on Hive and would like to get my Radeon VII rig up and going so so I can manage all on one dashboard.

Do you have a time frame of when you will give support for Radeon VII?


I’m also really interested in Vega VII support. Any news from the devs?

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Radeon VII still not update? nothing news? Pls make update hiveos for this GPU , more people waiting on this , now Radeon VII not running in HIVEOS , not supported ? pls

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Me too.
Repost my wish of that issue.
"Same issue is matter to me too.
I am ready to do that in 1 week time but on which OS still nerves to go back in mining on Win 10 64 bit.
My plans is 4 rig on Asus B250 with 12*radeon VII.
I am ready to be the ginny pig. "

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+1 I also am interested.

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+1 тоже интересно

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Come on, it’s just a driver Stak issue! You can fix it yourselves!

this is obvious sarcasm

I too am waiting for the Vega release to work with the VII natively. Anyone I talk to has had tons of issues just getting them to work, and when they did there are temp problems, OC’s won’t take/etc… how long is this going to take? Ridiculous.

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dont use latest hive, 0.6-190 works for me on the VII