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Radeon Vii showing up as Radeon MI25 in HiveOS

Hello, I got a faulty Radeon Vii super cheap on ebay, so i’ve been learning about fixing GPU.

the rig wont boot with it unless I short the bios pins, then it shows as a Radeon M125? Is it a case of someone trying to use the wrong BIOS before? I have tried flashing it, but the card model doesnt change even though it shows as successful.


(i tried it without the clocks)

any suggestions?

Sell it again…jjjjjj

where’s the fun in that haha

This the life of a miner…

Well at least it shows up as a Vii now!

Found Card: 1002:66af rev c1 (AMD Radeon VII)
Chip Type: Vega20
BIOS Version: 113-D3600200-105
PCI: 0f:00.0
OpenCL Platform: -1
OpenCL ID: -1
Subvendor: 0x1002
Subdevice: 0x081e
Sysfs Path: /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:0f:00.0
Memory Type: HBM
Memory Model: Samsung KHA843801B

Time to get the multimeter out, maybe it needs a BGA rework

Okay, I think this is more of a setup / driver issue

Sep 15 10:30:25 Ergo1 hive[870]: Cannot find DRI instance for pci:0000:0f:00.0
Sep 15 10:30:25 Ergo1 hive[870]: ERROR: can not match card id for GPU 0f:00.0

When I plug in my Vii to my rig the watts drop on the other cards by 10watts or so. between my two PSU i have 2050 Watts so power shouldnt be an issue, unless the motherboard isn’t getting enough power for the PCIe slots?

the voltages look to be good as far as I can tell, there’s no shortcircuits. It’s progress… but we’ll see if I can get it to mine

Ordered another power cable to move 3 GPU to the 1200w server PSU. that leaves 1gpu on the 850W supply.

Do i need to connect the CPU_PWR2 cable if i am just mining?

I’ll try GEN1/Gen2 etc

Make a test pc to check it… use a good Psu 700 - 800 is good enough… with latest hive os stable image and client (A 20.40) driver i think they do it great…
use a good riser for this card!!! or put it on 16x line…

I will check again later, i needed another power cable. I’ll have 3 on my 1200W supply, and 1 on my atx psu with the motherboard. it won’t fit in my rig in a 16x slot

I’ll keep trying, before it wouldn’t boot at all with the card in, and now it at least shows up in HiveOS as the correct card, so it’s progress, and people have had similar with other cards.

i like a challenge! I’ll try it with this card on its own as well

hmm no kernal driver in use for the Vii, does it need amdgpu-pro drivers installed separately?

I thing yes… This card is a beast from hell…!!!jjjjjjjj

what are u series

i have one 3080 and two 5700xt all of them running 650 watt cooler master supply

my wall load 600 watt

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