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Radeon VII no longer being detected through riser; only works when plugged directly into motherboard

Hi everyone, I have a peculiar issue over here. This morning my hiveOS rig randomly rebooted and gave me a black screen, so I had to reinstall hiveOS into a SATA drive.

After I did that, my Radeon VII completely disappeared from hiveOS. My other GPUs (2x 5700XT) still showed up fine. All were connected via risers.

After a lot of testing, I saw that all my risers were working fine (I used a working GPU to test this). The Radeon VII was only detected if I plugged it directly into the x16 slot into the motherboard. If I connected it through a riser, it won’t show up at all. Before today I could run it through a x16 to x1 riser without issues.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I didn’t change any BIOS settings since it stopped working, I was just using it until the rig randomly crashed earlier today. Any insight would be much appreciated.

??? more info and post pictures with OC settings miner and poll…

Not really sure if OC settings are going to make a difference—I didn’t change them at all between the time when it was working and the issue happened, but I have included them below.

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