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Radeon VII HiveOS version and drivers


Hi All.

Running a radeon VII fine for months up until yesterday. Just wandering what HiveOS version and drivers people are currently using on their radeon VII rigs?

0.6-198@210210 is no longer available to download. If someone has a copy of it they can share that would be great.


Not having any VII issues running 0.6-209@810826. (6 days running, 100% miner uptime, no errors, expected hash rates)

My test rig is tossing a few invalids on 0.6-209@810831, so I am avoiding moving my other rigs forward at this time.

Hi Grea.
Thanks for replying.
I can’t find either of these builds on HiveOS build history Hive OS Images Historical Releases or in the hive-replace --list

Are you able to share the builds here?

I tend to stick with what they have in the Hive OS dashboard, “trusting” they are pulling ones that have issues.

That said, the test rig with invalid shares above running0.6-209@810831 has been moved to latest 0.6-210@210911:

  • VII scripts work (GPU1 only has 10bit enabled, Hynix settings trigger reboots)
  • 6800 F clocks

This rig has my problem children VII’s and 6800’s in it. If code works here, it will work anywhere :smiley:

fwiw: Moved all my rigs to 0.6-210@210911. Longest is crossing 24hrs now, no degradation, errors, or issues to date.

  • VII, 6800’s, RX5xx/RX4xx, and even a token 5500XT.

Not moving to the 210912 or 913 as it does not appear to have anything for my personal systems.

Hi, is it possible to get your Bios of the Radeon VII because my VII´s arent such efficient like your´s.


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