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Radeon VII and RX 5700/ 5700 XT together

Is it possible to run the Radeon VII with the new AMD Navi cards on the same mining rig?

I tried it with the Beta Image of Hive OS, that allowed for the Rx 5700 xt and Rx 580 to be run together, but when I put a new Radeon VII in it wasn’t fully recognized and I couldn’t get it to mine. The only way I’ve gotten the Radeon VII to mine is with the Vega Image of Hive OS.

I have been using non BETA Hiveos form month with 2 RADEON VII and 3 NVIDIA 2060. Yesterday added one RX 5700 XT and i was recognized but not minning. Changed to BETA versión and is working fine.

Talking about Radeon VII:

In NO BETA version, forcing fans at 95%, the cards were at 70º C. (1600 - 1000 - 950 mV)

Using the BETA version, are at 60 ºC. I tried turning down the fans to adjust a bit … but suddenly there were glitches in phoenixminer and Teamredminer which said … GP0 DEADTH.

Therefore, I have the BETA version set so that the RX 5700 XT will be recognized…but with the settings of the NO BETA version .

This difference in operation, without touching anything, makes me think.

my vii,I hope it can help you

What is the ambient temperature?

Since this is a test environment for RX6800, it is mixed, but it works fine.
Radeon Pro W5700 is out of full control