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Radeon Vega 64 ring problem

I have ring 2x Vega64 and one radeon VII.

Working ok but after 1-3h work speed on vega going down to 7mh/s

I have to change gpu speed plus on minus 5 mhz and vega 64 back again to full speed.
I cant understand where is problem?

temperaturel ook good.

Sorry new user can put only one photo. Her is next one.

I Have same problem. From what i can find it has to do with refreshing power tables. Would love to know the solution.

Hi i have similar problem with vega 64
In windows card work perfectly but after boot in hiveos
Hiveos found vega 64 but card doesnt respond to any commands, and hive os write any other data such as temperature or consumation or fans

i tried to insert another Vbios or restart multiple times or put a card on another pcie but nothing helped

is it possible to install aother driver or does anyone have experience on what driver and what version of linux does the card work for you please?

if the card mined in any way or at least matched it , i would have handled it but here i have no idea what i can do wrong when on other pc where windows works ok(another card runs fine on hiveos).

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