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Radeon rx590 8gb

Hello everyone, I’m new in the mining. Just created my own pc with an rx590, motherboard: msi b450 pro Max / windows 10. Planning to buy a couple more to add, not really planning to creat a big rig (for the moment). The problem I’m having is that I’m only achieving 20mh Max. I’ve done the compute mode. But once I start changing values in afterburner it crashes. The screen gets black and fans start moving like a plane. Super fast!!! I have to force shut down … is it possible I have to flash my bios? If so, is this going to affect gaming? Btw, my gpu is Samsung and I’m using Phoenix miner because all others I’ve tried to use, the same crash I explained before happens (without touching the afterburner)… I’m a little bit lost here and would appreciate tones if someone could help me out a bit.

Thanks anyways.

Cheers :beers:

Help :frowning:

i can do 29,5 with rx 590
please change to compute mode and change memory timing to level 2 in driver

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