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Radeon RX 6900 XTX

if you have better OC settings, please add here.

Best settings will be unique to each card. Once you’re happy with the performance with your memory and core clocks set, you want to find the lowest of each voltage that will maintain your clocks without crashing. Looks like you don’t have any voltages set yet

what’s your suggestion?

this is my full list

Each voltage needs to be fine tuned per card for optimal results. There is no one setting fits all, it’s only found though trial and error.

You can also use for OC settings. Generally good, and pretty stable.

how to find that settings?

It’s a website

yessir Crypto mining resources - Earnings, rewards, currencies! - this is the exact link to the main page. Go to gpus, find the card you want, and coin, and look at the OC settings. Also, what the heck is a 6900xtx??? must be rare…

Does this video card have anything in common with the Red Devil RX 6900 XT Ultimate??

xt ultimate is powercolors version of the xtx

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