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Radeon RX 6700 XT 12272 MB - RAVENCOIN

Hello, could someone advise me on the exact configuration to choose for this type of card (PowerColor Micron GDDR6 · 113-D5121000_100) for mining Ravencoin? Thank you for your response.

Which configuration are you after? For the flight sheet/miner? Or for voltage/clock settings?

@keaton_hiveon I need advice on which miner to choose and then assistance with overclocking.

Teamredminer is pretty good for amd cards. Overclocking is a trial and error endeavor to find the optimal clocks and voltages. The goal being to get the highest hashrate at the lowest power draw. You can use a site like to find a starting point if you’re not familiar

you can try its a youtubers website ive used alot for OC settings. Very helpful.