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Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · XFX High wattage

I have a question about my mining rig that has RX 580 8gb XFX SK Hynix memmory cards.
I can’t get them under 112W. My hash rate is 31+ but on this cards no matter what I do I can’t get them under that waltage. They are bios modded, please help :slight_smile:
All my other 580 8gb cards run around 80W

the PL value on those card does not work (so remove it)
Make sure under OC settings enable Aggresisive undervolting …
polaris cards

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Thank you for the reply but the aggressive undervolting is on but still no luck.
Any other ideas? or are this cards just power hungry?

Are u mod bios the xfx 's?
Maybe flash the stock and then repeat the mod…
And for hynix mem use Tref 30 at OC settings

Hmm i just looked at the card a second time and seen it is a asus strix gaming oc but hive os says it is xfx is the card maby bios modded with the wrong bios?

I suppose you have wrong bios yeah.

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