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Radeon rx 5700 asus micron 8176MB Gddr6

Mods : sorry If this is in wrong group.

I recently purchased a rig in June and the temperatures have always been around 90+ C
My friend who helped me assemble tells me it’s ok, but I’ve read the contrary.

2 days ago something (fan?) went to 0% and then Hive OS sent a GPU dead message 1.5 days ago.

Sometimes when I reboot it goes up to 20% but the next morning it is 0%. First, any guesses on this fan issue, and secondly any comments on the temperatures? (Ie will it fry and how come everyone is down around 70s and I’m at 90s)
Thank you so much

these cards have two temps , one is teh gpu core one is memory. memory tend to go higher but as you see its red which i dont thing its good. i guess you need to service them , meaning cleaning and replacing the thermo paste.

Thanks so much!
Is this something I should do regularly to maintain?
Also do you think my 0% on the fan is a software bug?

service if its needed, if they get hotter than usual. basic service is blowing them with air to remove the dust. but always clean them turned off and when they are cool. not right after you power them off.

How often do people clean? My machine is 2 month old but I have it inside a furnace room. Also I have a vent from my air condition blowing into it and the exhaust being sucked out and vented into another room in basement

the simple cleaning ( blowing air on them cleaning dust ) you can do every month or two. The other is when its needed. if you see that they keep high temps for no reason you might consider more deeper cleaning. so you say ambient temp is high there and you try to cool them directly with airconditioning?

So I have them inside a room in basement. Even when I leave door open it’s usually in the 80s.
I have a vents that I connected a silver tube that brings in some cool air. The temperature outside in the summer is usually around 25-30 C
But from day one , I never had it below 85C like most people posting on hiveos forum.

You speak about mem temp right. 80 something might be ok

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