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Radeon RX 570 4096M · Sapphire Elpida

Hi all!
I have a few question about my rig

  • in my opinion the fans do not work out properly. Video is very hot and fans are only 16%
    How to fix?
  • why such different power consumption? and hashrate.
  • can a good man suggest steps for fine tuning?

enable autofan 65Cel and get next Oo powerConsumtion is very high after seeing in win10


What BIOS are u using?

Try this…


The BIOS download from about two years ago. That site does not open now.
Tnx for your screen. Immediately try!

When you are in your hiveos manager ( -something- /workers/ -something- /). In the top right there is a button called Autofan settings. There, change your target temp. Mine is set to 50C and my min fan speed is set to 40%
Good luck

@Zuim were you able to fix this?

I’m very much a newbie. But I can’t get any hash with some similar equipment.
Here is a screengrab of what I have going on. Any tips? Thanks

Due to the recent DAG, you can’t mine with a 4GB card unless it’s on a special miner. I’m looking for that solution right now as I have a 4GB card mixed in with my 8GB cards. I’ll let you know what I find out, but I had heard it was lolminer or zombieminer.

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Hello, I am using “teamredminer” and so far it remains stable, the only drawback is that the overclocking options must be set independently one by one on each GPU, there is no way to do it automatically for all GPUs at the same time .

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Wow, I had no idea - thank you so much for the information!
I’ll try both of those miners.

Oh that’s great to know - thank you! Do you happen to know what the optimal overclocking options are?

Hello, I am also looking for the best configuration, at the moment I am using this:

Core Clock: 1150
Core State: 5
Core Voltage: 850
Memory Clock: 2100

If anyone found a better configuration than please share it.

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Hi all!
Today have next

118 MH/s

And once there were 188 :sob:
and price 85

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Nothing is working now.
Not lolminer.
Not teamredminer.
Not zombieminer (not available).

Any other tips from anyone? Thanks!

i have 6 570 and 2 470 4 gb version, team red miner not work :frowning: 8 gpu TOTAL HASH RATE 120 :frowning: