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Radeon RX 5600 XT 6128 MB · ASRock Incorporation Samsung GDDR6 · 113-EXT40650-001

Hello!! I have a 5600 xt with samsung memory, but I can´t find how modified Bios.
The OC that it has now, isnt very effciently. It crash all the time (error " GPU 2: detected DEAD (0a:00.0), will execute restart script ")

Who can help me?

I need someone that has this GPU and give me a stable OC config or someone recommend me how to make bios mod.

The only way I found was to download it from this page, after paying 5 dollars. Has anyone used it?

thank you all very much for helping me

I am using BIOS. its fine.

Thanks! Can you share me your OC config please?

5600xt asus strix
bios moded and unlocked by

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Dude, that setting lowered my watts by 22. Thanks!

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