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Radeon RX 5500 XT Challenger D 8G OC | 8 GB GDDR | Hashrate low - Help please

Dear Community,

i have just begin to start taking a looking on the topic mining and just thought: lets have a try.
I wanted to begin with my hardware which i already had and does not want to invest to much. So just ordered a “new” used graphic card (RX 5500 XT) and expected about 25 MH.

Im just a newbe and looked up for a tutorial. I just set it up like this: Ethereum Mining deutsch [Tutorial 2021] - YouTube (german vid, but i think the screens explain without words)

It just run now and was pretty easy to set up. Maybe a bit to easy? I just archieve an average rate of 11,9 MH. I just give try to MSI Afterburner but does not really change it. Hashrate is still low.

Do you have an Idea what i do wrong? Thanks a lot.

Yours EthereumMining

Forget MSI afterburner and Windows and switch to HiveOS
You should at least get 25mh on almost any RX 5500 XT
I have a mixture of 4 brands
3 x Asrock
1 x MSI
1 x Asus
1 x Sapphire
Please see screenshot
Hope these settings will help you
You should increase memory clock at small increments of 20-25 to test your cards limits

Micron Memory overclocks better than Samsung in this scenario

Meanwhile i solved problem. I switched to win 10.

I expand now to a rig having 2 x 5700 and 1 x 5500 Card mining.

According to Awesome miner i’m at 132 MH ( 52, 52, 28) at 403 Watts per hour.
Config is stock; just adjusted by More Power Tool and MSI Afterburner.
According to my power meter i’m at 394,5-t395,1 Watts per hour

Next, i have ordered now a 570 and a 580 to have a trial on it.

An im looking at the moment some tutorials about hive os but in german videos are quite rare .

And im interesseted in time basend mining by hard- or software.

On HiveOS I managed 250W on 1x 5700XT (110W) and 2 x 5500XT (70W each)
52mh + 28mh + 28mh

Or in you case should be 110W + 110W + 70W (290W) vs 403W in Windows 10

Thanks, but i guess thiis just the gpu, isnt it?

According to the miner i’m
With the 5500 XT im on 77 Watts
With the 5700 XT im on 107-117 Watts

The figures above is the power consumption on the wall.

Meanwhile i expand to a nine card rig:
1x570 (was not a good idea)

Keep in mind. Im from germany. So the energy cost is a bout 0,38 US per kwh not between 0,09-0,13 USD like in the us.

But im going to do the solar mining soon.

Il have a try on hive os soon, too.

could you help me with my 2 Sapphire RX5500 XT nitro+ special edition?
Is it possible to unlock the BIOS? This is the best I can get with the stock BIOS … if I try to set a Mem clock > 900 everything crashes…

did you try to flash with the newer hiveos image? because we cannot see your memory temp? All RX 5000 series have memory temp.

I believe that a small increase in power during production is not worth the risks that are hidden behind interfering with the standard parameters of the video card.