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Radeon RX 470 4096 MB · Sapphire - Rig issue above 4 GPUs

Hi there,
I’m seting up two 6 GPU rigs with a Z390-A Pro motherboards and Radeon RX 470 4096 MB · Sapphire GPUs.
I can get it running fine with 4 GPUs but when I add a 5th one after a few minutes I get an “Autofan: GPU temperature 511 is unreal, driver error”.
I have been trying to troubleshoot it but unfortunatly I still didn’t come to a solution.

  • I tried to add the GPUs one by one to check, and to try them on difertent slots and all I can conclude is that when I add a 5th one, i get that error.
  • I checked the drivers and I supose they are the latest ones: OpenCL 20.40.
  • Hiveos is upgraded to the latest version.
  • On the BIOS I have set up PEG0 to Gen2, Latency Timer to 96 and enabled the Above 4GB memory enabled.

I would be gratefull if anyone have any hints on how to solve it.

type inthe shell

hive-replace --list
choose 7
type ‘yes’

I’m curious what does the command you provided do? I’m new to mining and having a somewhat similar issue.

The difference is that when I add a 5th GPU it doesn’t even boot up to hiveos…I just get a blank screen.

Thank you

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