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Radeon GPU s highly unstable

Hello, I have a rig with 10 rx6600 and a rx6900 xt and until september 2022 i didn’t have any problems.
Well, after the change to proof of stake it stopped working, not only this rig but one only with nVidia GPU s too. I can’t see what the connectionis but this is the timeline.
The problems are:
-Sometimes they don’t go online at all
-When they do go online, there is a high chance for a few to stay inactive
-I can’t use any command like rebooting, shutting down and now i can’t even force upgrade to latest version ( image 1)
-If i try to apply settings to overclock or undervolt there is a high chance that after the changes are applied the rig will go offline.

For context i’ll atach some images with a rare situation when all of them are online.

Please help me figure out if it is a problem with the os stability or it’s something wrong with the rig

PS: Is is still worth to mine with GPU s ? if yes what currencies are the best right now?


Appears you have no clocks or voltages set, this can lead to instability and higher power draw with lower hashrates.

For the upgrade failing there are some intermittent issues with the main download repo, you can try changing to download2 if this issue persists in the workers settings → repo select

to determine if its worth mining for you plug in your power draw, power cost and hashrates into a site like whatttomine or and see what coins are profitable for you

Even with clocks or voltages set, is the same situation.
However, i managed to update to the last version, same situation tho.
Thanks for your answear!

You need to fine tune clocks and voltages until it is stable. Start very conservative and work your way up/down on clocks/voltages