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Radeon 5700xt HELP

Continuing the discussion from RX 5700 XT Overlocking and Undervolting:

Hey newbie here , just set up my first rig , I know this is an old thread , but I need better results from my Radeon 5700xt cards.

Could anyone send me there Bios flash.? Or whatever you call it.


Go search the internet for mining OC settings for these cards. Yours are not good.

Iv tried a few pc settings but after some time , GPU’s start dropping off ( dead )

I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t flashed the bios?. I have never done that before so not entirely sure what would be best as in the safest.

Check for OC settings in internet


Maybe i can help you if you want.

Contact me to Telegram @kenshinji59

its sapphire but maybe other card too

Hey there,

Right so iv flashed the GPU’s at 1500

And did this overclokc but 2x GPU’s keep reported as dead

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