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R9 390x

hello all,

May i know what is the overclock settings in hiveos for this card thank you

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I am also looking for these settings can anyone help

I’ve attached a screenshot below.
You can either use that.
Or do the following.
Core clock 1000 -1070 whichever is stable. (core clock doesn’t matter much for ethereum on Phoenix miner)
Core voltage is 850mV
And memory clock is stable at 1700mhz
The main game is with the core states
Which you should start with 3 and then work your way up, this sets a power limit and thus changing the hashrate.
By considering the above settings,
With a core state of 3, I get 26.1Mh/s
With a core state of 4, its 27Mh/s
Core state 5, its 28Mh/s
And core state 6, its 29.9Mh/s

Don’t consider that your hashing rate will go up by 1mh/s if you increase the core state by 1.
It will vary a lot depending on different gpus.
The max I got out of this card was 33Mh/s 3 years ago, but the difficulty was much lesser at that time.
But I’m still surprised this card can do 29mh/s
With Windows I get nothing more than 15.4Mh/s
The settings you see in the screenshot are my testing settings and the card is running now at 85C at core state of 6 consuming anywhere between 190w (hiveos shows 151 but you can add 40w to it)
This setting doesn’t work for me as I don’t plan to run the card at 85c with fans at 100% and spending 190w
I’d rather keep the core state at 3, memory clock at 1700, core 1070mhz, core voltage 850mV, and get 26.1mh/s by keeping the temps under 80 fans at 80% and consuming 140-150w.
I hope this helps you.!


Thank you very much good sir. I am new to mining and i had one of these cards laying around collecting dust. Using the most popular preset overclock settings i was getting 29.5MH at temps hovering around 73C. Using your suggested settings im saving 20W but the temps are much better. not sure if the 20W saving outweighs the 2MH loss but surely the card will be happier.

Dude, Thank you for this advice. I used your tweaks on my AMD R9 390, Then played with it some more because my power came down at first but then the gpu started running at 80degrees again. I tweaked and ended up being stable with the following settings:
core clock 1050, DPM 2, mV 900, MEMClock 1700, fan 80%. It did drop my hash values from 27.3 down to 20.46 but like you I’d rather save the heat and the power and hash less.
I do believe these cards tend to run a bit on the hot side though. Because after a few minutes the temp goes back to 80deg. Unless I am missing something. Should I be looking to modify the VBIOS on this card?
I added it to a rig alongside 2 RX5500XTs. I am still new to mining forgive the noviceness:) And like @systemzero37 I had this card lying around and didn’t realize it as a great worker. :slight_smile:

I’m getting 31.3 mh/s 64 c no tweaking at all on a used sapphire r9 390 nitro did I just win the silicon lotto

I am using The R9 390X with stock clock and i am getting 30.5mh/s eth max temp 75° with 68% fan speed and 175/180watt power consumption
Note : 4 Fan For The airflow

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