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R9 390X Unknown memory

Hi all

I would need some help/support from you experts here in the forum :slight_smile:
I been running a 390x card for a while(mining eth with phoenixminer and now HivoOS 0.6-203@210526) , now suddenly it reboots the worker and detects as the correct card but unknown memory.
If i restart worker in maintenance with drivers it working perfect!! is it a bug in HiveOS or something else? I can’t get my head around this error.

Hope for good inputs :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m having the exact same issue! Did you come right? Any help in fixing it?

Yes, i found my issue and that was that i got 2 miners started on that card. One via hiveos and one from another mining-os running as service.

Thanks for the quick reply!

unfortunately that doesn’t seem likely to be my issue, I have a very simple setup with just a single miner configured in hiveos.

Sorry to bother you again, but what amd driver version and hiveos version are you using with your r9? also which miner? mine just can’t seem to work.

Hi m8.

I’m running standard hiveos supported 20.40 AMD driver, and for miner, the only that i get working 100% with my setup is lolminer, latest, never had any problem with that.
Please just bug me if you need more info / assist.

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