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R9 390 Stopped working

currently building out an 8 GPU riserless setup. Had my R9 390 in for a couple weeks with everything working perfect. Had to go out of town for a week so I put the 1070 from my gaming PC in as well and the hash rates seemed off, but it still worked perfectly for that week. Zero downtime. Now that I’m back home again I’ve put that 1070 back into my gaming PC and have picked up another 1070 to add to the mining rig. Since adding that card last night I keep ending up in the situation of either having the flight sheet setup where only the R9 390 works or only the 1070. And now today I’ve mostly just had downtime, doesn’t seem to matter what I do to the flight sheets, it just doesn’t work anymore.

Anyone have some insight?

Pretty sure I’m just gonna sell the R9 and scale out with all 10 series cards to fill this rig for now

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