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R9 390 on HiveOS - fan control?

Hello all!

I’m new to HiveOs. I just started mining a few months ago using my main computer (1070ti) and a custom-built 2xRX570/8GB rig that is dedicated for mining only. I’m currently using NHOS, but considering switching to HiveOS. So far I have been pretty happy about the performance and earnings on these two machines using NHOS, but HiveOS seems to be better for rig management, esp. as machines are added.

I have a mITX machine I use for my flight simulator, which had an RX470 4GB card in it. I recently purchased a used R9 390 as an upgrade over the RX470 for the purpose of playing MSFS as well as running it as a mining rig when not being used for flight sim duty (exactly what my main desktop does as well). HiveOS runs the R9 with no issues (my initial test runs resulted in about 25Mh/s), except the fans never spin above 49% and it runs hot - hitting 90 and then stopping mining until it cools off. I have been playing with the OC settings, attempting to undervolt the card, adjust the fan speeds and such, but it seems that maybe HiveOS does not fully support these parameters on this card. No matter what I do, the fans do not run above 49%. I have not checked actual wattage at the wall yet to see what the card is drawing when mining, but HiveOS reports 137w.

So, it seems this leaves me to BIOS modding, which to be honest, I’m a little leery of, as I certainly don’t want to brick the card. Unless there is a way I can adjust the fan speeds directly in Linux (which HiveOS is Linux)? I’ll admit also that since the machine is in a CoolerMaster Elite 130 case (SFF) and everything is tightly packed in there, airflow in the case is an issue I’m sure - certainly not optimal, as removing the cover reduced temps to the high 70’s - still much hotter than I’m comfortable with. There really is not much room in the case to add any fans either, and the CPU is water-cooled with an AIO mounted at the front of the case. I feel that if I can ramp the fan speed on the card up to at least 80% all the time, the temps will be much better.

I’m considering building another custom mining rig frame and using another mobo to put this card on and just run it as a dedicated mining rig, and put the RX470 back in this machine for now, but if I can solve the high temp issue and leave the card in this case that’d be ideal. Advice? Thanks in advance!

I have exactly the same problem with my r9 390, Ive tried to adjust everything, but never goes over 49%

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