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R9 390 Low Hashrate

Hello Guys! Iam new in the mining scene and i got a question! I heared that the r9 390 with 8 GB is doing 29-31 MH/s but my r9 390 from sapphire is working but i tried that on windows and only got 14-16 MH/s with the newest Adrenalin driver and on hive os i got only 11-13 MH/s and i did the ./amd install sh thing but that did nothing… Can someone help me please? I got in my main pc a 2080Ti and iam getting 50 MH/s without any problems! I need help please!

You can only use “Hawaii” cards (R9 290, 290x, 390, 390x) in Linux now to get full hashrate.

Don’t both using Windows. The AMD drivers do not have “compute” mode for the Hawaii’s, so they can’t mine properly.

For HiveOS, try installing HiveOS using the latest version on a different drive to see if the card works better. Also make sure you’re using the latest Phoenixminer which keeps enhancing the Hawaii support.

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