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R9 290 flashing

as i did not succeed with OC I did modify bioses for all my cards (r9 290), however, I could not flash it with interface provided, as I got message: “ROM file size is only 131072 bytes, there is something wrong with it, skipping” even with “force”. Could anyone please suggest solution? or commands what to use to flash w/ terminal. Thank you.

found solution. there is atiflash utility built in distro!

Can any one tell me how to do this? i have the same problem;( where are atiflash in hiveos?

I too need help with this card

please helppppp, on this card can do straps like rx ? on 1500+?

No. The R290 does not react on OC settings.

You have to flash your Core and Memory timings in your Bios.
I do not know why but this is bug is not fixed in HiveOS.

ROM file size is only 131072 bytes, there is something wrong with it, skipping

So when you tring to flash new rom on some card and got an error - rom you just uploaded is stored in /tmp folder. Solution is console command:
atiflash -p X /tmp/amd.uploaded.rom
where X is your card number.


Thank you that worked for me. After uploading new bios and getting the error I typed

atiflash -p 0 /tmp/amd.uploaded.rom

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This didnt work for me are you using the amd.uploaded.rom file already in the folder or downloading a new rom into this location?

Command helps me to flash my R9 380X.
But I have to flash it through HiveOS first and then run a command