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R9 280X / Tahiti cards running on HiveOS (possible workarounds)


Yesterday I added a 280X (Tahiti) card to my rig that is running the latest HIVEOS build.
And while the card is detected normally, the miner (Verthash miner) does not use it for mining.

From what I have read here, the issues that the latest AMD drivers does not support Tahiti any more.

As I understand it there are 3 possible workarounds (?):

  1. Flash a previous version of HIVEOS (hiveos-vega-0.6-61… that has the 19.10 driver version)
  2. Add some variables to the /hive/bin/miner config file.
  3. Roll back manualy the amdgpu driver to 19.10 (which I don’t know how to do at all)

So my question is this, which of the above is the best way to get our venerable 280Xs on Vertcoin?
And what method would allow us to overclock and be more stable in general?

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I found this problem solved in this forum. I can’t find thread with solution now for link.


export GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR=1;
export GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE=100;

to in miner directory.

I am mining RVN with nanominer. R9 290 947MHz cca 9 MHs, 280X 3.5 MH/s only. Let me know if you get better mining results with your 280X please.

I have done the same in the miner.config file,
and I am getting 430Mh/s (on average) for a 280X card, mining Vertcoin.
I thing that is the most profitable coin to mine on 3-4GB GRAM GPUs.

Hey - How were you able to get this working? I’ve been losing my mind trying to get the 280x to work but no luck. Can you help a newb out. Greatly appreciate it.

I am trying to mine VTC and the verthashminer refuses to do anything. :frowning:

  1. Which version of Hive are you on?
  2. Which file did you add the extra export lines to? ( can you screen print what it should look like)

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Hi where did you put this text in the miner file? Is this just the “miner” file or “miner-run”
and will it mess with the other cards i have?

Bump… very interested in a detailed howto for Verthash

Had a bunch of cards and interested in put them back online until still profitable but quite busy at the moment to troubleshoot

Does this works with any version of HiveOS or a specific version is needed?

Any version of HIVEOS that contains the verthashminer should work (latest version of the miner is 0.7.2)

Im on the latest release, so can I just pop the cards back in and use verthasminer? I assume i wont be able to control the OC.
Also did you add those extra lines in above into the config file?

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