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R9 280 voltage and frequency can't be read and changed

Hi everyone!

New to HiveOS so trying to figure out some things…
I have got those 2 R9 280 I would like to mine with (more like a sandbox experiment) and can’t see any voltage or frequency details.
When updating those values manually nothing changes.
It seems that 1) HiveOS can’t get a reading on those cards 2) it can’t set the value either;

What could be the source of the problem?

  • Could it be the hardware i use? My mobo is an old X58 motherboard…
  • Could the driver be an issue?
  • Would I need a separate BIOS mod?

Please find a screenshot of the rig below.

Many thanks in advance for providing your input!


GPUs being of the GCN generation, maybe this is a driver’s problem and I should update HiveOS to a previous version? Is there any less disruptive way to test?

After some research it seems that a lot of people a complaning about Tahiti cards not being properly supported. The cards are mining but we keep getting the message:
Kfd kfd: amdgpu: TAHITI not supported in kfd

Any thoughts onhow to make it fully supported? Or do I have to flash the BIOS for each OC?

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