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R9 270x (4gb) Questions

Quick question. I pulled an old card out of a junk PC and it’s an R9 270x (4gb). OSHive recognizes it as an R9 270x/R7 370. For the life of me I can’t get it to mine anything. I’ve set it up for Ergo, ETC, RVN…I’ve done it through the Hive pools as well as through NiceHash.

I have 3-3060ti, 3-3070, 1-rx580 and all are running beautifully.

Any advice on what I can mine with it? Even if it’s a dollar or two a day of profit I have space on my rig and have plenty of PSU to spare.

Appreciate the help.

were you able to figure this out yet?

Got same card and same question

I’ve gotten close! I used a combination of Hive os 6.200 beta and random driver downloads from the crypto Luigi GitHub

The installs weren’t 100% successful because the rig still showed the original AMD 20.40 driver that is on the is image. When I tried to duplicate my initial successful results I found that I couldn’t :frowning:

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