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Questions about setup, new user

Hello everyone, looking into to getting my gaming rig setup under HIVEos. I have a few questions.

  1. I am low on money and use an APP I have paid for to connect to the internet via my phone. Am I able to install an app if I use a USB stick to boot HIVEos? I need to know to make sure that I am not wasting my time and money as the app lets me do USB tethering. This likely would be temporary if I am able to get this setup going but now it is the only way I can afford to do this.
  • also, it is not possible to install the OS on Windows so I can still utilize Windows and use the computer if needed, correct?
  1. Also, from what I read, in order to do this optimally, I need to get a 32gb(?) flash drive and install it to do a dual boot?

  2. My setup is a 1080TI 11gb, I have an old 770 8gb graphics card as well that I will likely install in the rig too if it is going to be worth it.

  • Does anyone know what MH/s rate I would get my 1080TI 11gb so I can confirm that I am not wasting my time? 100-150 MH/s?

  • Does anyone know what MH/s rate I would get with my 770 8gb so I can confirm that adding it to my rig would be worth it? 50-100 MH/s?

  • Also, theoretically how much daily money could I make with this setup or with each card. I see that 100 MH/s should do about 6$ a day, so I am thinking that maybe I could get 100-200 MH/s with this setup and get $6 to $12 per day? Does this sound right?

  • I have a second rig that I could keep the 770 8gb gb in but the processor is old vs my gaming rig. Would it make sense to use both in my gaming rig?

  1. I want to be able to utilize the full potential of these cards, which miner software would be best to use? Or will HIVEos already have the different mining software options for me to select built in if I install it?

  2. I was testing out CC miner with 1080TI 11gb, using the CUDA and CPU miner and mining LTC but it’s not worth it.

  • If I changed my mining pool to HIVE pool would I be able to utilize the full potential 11gb of the card or is the only way to configure that with the HIVEos tools?
    Right now it is only using a small % of the card, 4 to 20%, only because I am multitasking on the computer right now as CC miner runs in the background.
  1. If I am missing something or if there are any suggestions please let me know.

Thanks for the help!

first of all go to and check your cards . 770 is old and not sure if it does anything. then again you got all the MHs wrong. 1080TI would do around 40 i think but go the website i told you and check.
So 40 MHs on ETH is about 3$ per day.
Instead of dual boot you can install hiveOS on a USB stick and insert it and boot from it when you want to mine with the PC.
i dont know how old is your other PC but i use one thats 10-15 years old and just got a new PSU and new GPU and its working fine. the proccesor is phenom 2 x4 with 4GB DDR2 ram.
my PC is working with wifi USB dongle and i have connected it to the wifi network. so maybe you can hotspot with the phone and connect it wirelessly. but i think you will have stale shares due to high ping.

1.) No you will not be able to tether via USB - you can however tether over using a wifi ‘hotspot’, you will need a wireless adaptor for your computer - and your going to burn (lets say to be inside and safe) 100Mb a day per card in data.
2.)Yes you can keep windows on your HDD - and boot hiveOS from a USB stick (probably the easiest and safest way for a novice)
3.)Yes thas correct^
Hive will have everything onboard to run these cards as mining devices, I am not looking up the cards speed specifically as it can be easily researched - but a rough guess for both those cards your going to be sub 180 ish - and a broad and rough guess looking at the markets today - prob going to be around $3.50 odd a day - keep both cards in the same machine to reduce your electric costs running two mainboards (est around 300 watt)
4.)All mining software is ready to go on hive - just pick your flavour
5.)Your best off using hiveon as your pool as its free to use the OS then (well you pay your 3% to the pool) - your probably best off not trying to use the PC for any work while its mining - although you can set the intensity of the mining software using a command line argument in the miners arguments box on hives miner setup flightsheet
6.) Go for it! - Just do us a favour and back-up all the data you have on the machine your messing with - or at least stick to booting from a USB so if stuff goes wrong - its doesn’t destroy any work you have on the PC :slight_smile:

Happy mining

Thanks for the responses! Been testing and you’re right I get between 35 and 40 MH/s on the 1080ti card, using a different software. Will be using this when I can get some private investors going for my business.

Good to know about the PC you use. I can use both of my gaming rigs if I can’t get full investments then and at least get 8 cards going.

This is a side project that I am working on. Will be my main focus and income for my company once I land these investors!

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