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Questions about huge-pages of XNRIG 5.0.1?

How to open huge-pages in XMRIG 5.0.1, because it will be automatically opened in XMRIG 3.2, but it cannot be enabled in XMRIG 5.0.1 …

On which algo?


sudo sysctl -w vm.nr_hugepages=256

i used this on ubuntu mining with a pitcairn. It may help you here or not. please let us know

i was just dropping it in thru terminal but could be called automatically too (never got around to figuring it out though. very low on my priority list). In hiveos you can probably put it into the miner config maybe?


Thank you ~ I will test this method

For XMRig (unified) and XMR-Stack added special field

For RandomX this value calculated as 1168 + n, where
1168 - for RandomX dataset
n - number of CPU threads

I set the CPU hugepages 1168 but it still doesn’t work

Your HiveOS is outdated - update it

ok i try~

I want to ask ~ why I can’t enter x windows after upgrading, is there any way to force it?

Thank you so much i solved the problem

are you plugged into the gpu thats connected to the 16x pci-e slot on your computer? the GUI doesnt seem to load if you are using your mobo onboard video output for the monitor (although thats not exclusive - i have one machine that goes to x with no issue at all)

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Since my CPU has no internal display, I can only connect an external graphics card …