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Question: PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Devil OC

Hi everyone!

Working on my first rig at the moment Just from a hobby perspective.
I was wondering if you experienced lads would be so kind and answer a couple of my questions…
I will be purchasing more cards in the future but for now just trying to figure out the clocks and how mining works in the first place.

1.Does these settings look all right? I would not want to fry my card right from the box since I am really not experienced in overclocking cards.

  1. How does the actual pool hashrate differ from my reported one in hiveos as it shows stable 57Mh/s but in pool it fluctuates alot like from 30Mh/s to a 100Mh/s. Is this fluctuation normal ?

Kind Regards:


  1. Looks to me like your clocks are set too high on both core and memory. It seems like it’s stable enough considering you have 18hrs of uptime but the incorrect share suggests your OC settings might be a little too aggressive. I would drop your core clock between 1350-1450 and the mem clock somewhere between 890-950. This will lower your hashrate slightly but you should have better efficiency. You should be able to recover some hashrate by modding the card bios but make sure you DYOR on that as it can be a risky process.

  2. Fluctuation at the pool is completely normal. Why this occurs I have no idea but your average should turn out to be about what you see in Hive OS. Be sure to keep an eye on the number of shares you’re finding each hour as this doesn’t always correlate to your hashrate, but again I am not knowledgeable enough to explain why.

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