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Question on setting up Polygon Wallet for payout (ETH)

Hi All,

I need to withdraw the remaining ETH from HIVEOS and will do so via Polygon \ Metamask.

The question I have is, once I setup my metamask wallet and go into Hiveos to add the wallet, do I need to change my flight sheet to use newly created Metamask mask wallet or leave my existing wallet that’s pointing to my ledger wallet?

So far all of the tutorials show you how to add the polygon wallet to Hiveos, but none say if you need to change your flight sheet as well.

Thank you all,

your eth address doesn’t change in the polygon chain. You basically just add the network to metamask. Thus your fs contains your eth address, no change needed. Besides, hive would only pay to the address you mined with.

If you don’t see the wETH (not exactly eth, but a wrapped version used in polygon), you might need to add the token. Check Not seeing wETH in metamask

You can only withdraw to the wallet you mined your balance to. Creating anew metamask wallet won’t help you as you can’t withdraw to a new wallet address.

Hi All,

Thank you all for the advice and information.

However, I should have checked the payout tab first as there’s a message saying the following:

“ETH has merged. If you’ve mined more than 0.0025 ETH, request the funds’ withdrawal within 20 days from the date of merge (the option will be available presumably up to October 5, 2022):”

I mined almost to 0.2, so I lowered my ETH payout to 0.05 and was able to “claim” my ETH.

Thanks again for your time and we’ll see what coin is best to mine going forward.

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