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Question about payouts for non ETH coins (ERGO, ETC, RVN)

Hi All,

Once ETH goes to POS and not mineable, I was thinking of going to either ERG, RVN or ETC.

My question is how are these coins paid out on HiveOS? For ETH, it’s every time you mine 0.1 of ETH, is the same for the other coins? You’re paid when you mine 0.1 of ERG, RVN or ETC?

Thank you all

For ETC, current minimum payout is 1 ETC
For other coins, they are not yet implemented in Hiveon pool.

When it’s happens coins in your question may changes or even will doesn’t matter because current Ethereum hashrate power bigger than on all other coins combined.
The profit will fall so much that only those who have cheap electricity will be able to mine.
But there is nothing to worry about as this is an evolutionary process.
Mining will be green or die.

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