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Question about mining on Hiveon Pool with windows 10

Hello , anyone knows if it’s possible to mine on Hiveon pool with win10’s claymore ?

Hi folks,
any feedback on this question?
I also would like to use my Win10 machine to mine into Hiveon Pool.
Right now i have only my slower secondary PC running HiveOS and i like it much more compare to CudoOS.

I have no trouble getting my Win10 PC in same “ecosystem” to mine for the same pool.
I have downloaded T-Rex but which “stratum blabla” do i have to add there to get connected to HiveOn pool?

Don’t say i have to swap to a different pool like 2miner or etherminer for using T-rex in win10 because i would be forced then the to remove my secondary pc also from Hiveon pool. :-o
I want all my power focused on one and the same pool. Is this possible?

Thanks for feedback
Ps.: right now i stuck on Cudominer because its win10 compatible…