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Question about HIVEOS FEES

Hi there,

im new to HiveOS. I just have 3 rigs doing like 450 MH/s.

Im using the HiveOn Pools, so i guess i have to pay 3% or my mining reward as a fee.

I could accept this, because rigs with the software running smooth and i have no problems using the os.

Now im wondering about the payout:

I just entered my Coinbase ETH wallet adress. So if im informed correctly, when i reach 0,1 ETH they will just send it to my coinbase eth wallet.

Do they charge a fee here again? Friend told me they take another 3% transfer fee?

So is it true, i have to pay around 6% (3% fee for using OS and another 3% for the transfer)?

And another question.

With 3 rigs and around 450 in total, wouldnt it be more clever to pay 3$ a month each rig?

Thank you.

I’m intrested in exactly what you asked. did you find out any information on this? Thank you

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if you mine on HiveOn 2-4 workers is free.
To your other question for example i dont like HiveOn so i mine to otherpool and ya i pay 3$ per worker since only 1 worker is free when you mine outside HiveOn

I just got paid in ETH to my metamask, the amount they paid out is the amount I received.

Owners of free accounts can use up to 4 workers without payment, but under certain conditions:

  • 1 rig is free without restrictions
  • free when 2 to 4 workers mining Ethereum OR Ethereum Classic on [Hiveon pool ]
  • free when 2 to 4 workers Mining other coins (except Ethereum or Ethereum Classic) on any other pools

So If I mine ETH on another pool other than Hiveon with HiveOS its still free if I have 1 worker?

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