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Question about gpu cards

Hello guys,

I have This question why my Nvidia cards looks diferente on description if the 3 car

ds are the same 2 said the same but one said different and sometime send me error on fan and needs to reboot

it means you have an issue with that GPU
most likely it is power issue

Thank you for your reply…
Actually that card send me error like this:

Autofan: error in temp readings
And restar my rig
I already check the card power connections and also upgrade the drivers and still have the same problem any suggestion

check if the card work properly on Windows for example
or connect it direct to the mobo ( no riser)
and see if it goes well

I connected direct to the mobo, I checked on windows and nothing still the problem I guess is the gpu card … and is new just like 10 days old from amazon, I hope they can take my card back or exchange for another one

Thanks for help