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Pulling more power than should mining kaspa?

Well I’ve had my mining rig up and running for a few days now its been stable.
I was using for the OC’s.
Using LOL miner
I’m pulling more wattage than what they list for the given cards / OC?

As you can see my 3070’s are at the given hashrate of 461 yet pulling 65 to 70 watts, says should be around 50. Is there a setting I’m missing?
I adjusted memory to lock it at lowest, and the oc’s are put in manually for each card, not in the miner extra commands because all cards are using the same flightsheet.
Any advice?

Locked core + core offset will get you slightly higher hash but not lower power draw. You’ll need to do that in the miner config and have 525.xx drivers or newer installed

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I’m a little behind, things have changed in the last 5 months since I mined.
Does setting the oc for the card not do the same thing?

Or does it HAVE to be in miner?
How can I do that with multiple cards from different mfr in same rig on same flight sheet?
Individual flight sheet for each card?

You can only run 1 flight sheet per rig at a time. Miner config will vary miner to miner, typically comma separated values for different cards but you’d need to check your miners readme.

In the hive gui you can’t set locked and offset, only one or the other.

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I guess I’m confused on this then
Do I need to put the ocs in the miner extra coments AND the cards ocs? shows core lock AND core offset. Meaning has too have both?

if you want both locked core clock and core offset you need to do it in the miner config

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I have 525 drivers, that’s what I’m trying to figure out how to do.

How can I set it in the miner, when have multiple cards with varying configs for each.

Won’t the miner settings be applied to ALL cards?

this reply was toward your multiple cards oc question before

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look this tutorial:

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Thanks! That video and reading some of the lol miner info was able to get it!

Was able to drop over 200 watts and gained 130mhs!

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Nice! crazy how efficient kaspa can be.