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Propably hiveos is killing switch

I have farm with mixed rigs amd/nvidia, asus/asrock/biostar mbs, hiveos/smos/windows. I started to use hiveos more like few weeks ago and with that probably dead switch problem came. To add here i am using smsos like year and did not had such issue, tho only few rigs used smos, but here i am using hiveos on rigs which used windows before.
It looks like in every few days or even hours switch just comes completely unresponsive and everything that is plugged in it just looks like unplugged from network. Restarting switch doesnt change situation. Also replacing switch to another model did not help, but both switches were cheapest unmanaged 8 port 1gbit options from dlink and netgear. I did also replace all the network cables, zero effect. Solution is always to restart all rigs. As I am not onsite i can not find which rig is making those issues. I am always asking someone who doesnt understand much from comuters just to restart everything. And farm goes live again.
Later when i did splitt my network to 2 switches i realised that only that switch which has hiveos rigs connected is dying.
What could i done here to troubleshoot this issue? What settings i could use on hiveos? Any sugestions are welcomed!