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Problems with my first miner

Hello! The first problem is that I have three 6600 graphics cards and one detects it for me but it comes out xxxxxxxx … amd, I attach a photo, I have enabled all of them in the bios. The second problem is that the other two are put to work but do not generate, so to speak, I have formatted and installed hive several times, I have done oc but I no longer know what to do, I attach a photo. thank you!!

Don’t use ethminer, it’s outdated and unsupported for modern cards. Try teamredminer or gminer.

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thank you! It started working but after half an hour it stopped, and when I do oc it also stops and the error is: gpu driver error, no temp :sleepy: without doing oc the same error appears

More info than needed is better than not enough. What cards? What overclocks? What system details etc?

Thanks men!!

up your voltages, only lower once stable to minimize power draw