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Problems with HIVEOS USB Flashing

Hello Hiver’s,

This is my first post to the Forum so I hope I present this issue in an acceptable manner.
My created my first HiveOS rig using the previous method of adding a Worker (i.e. prior to downloading the HiveOSInstaller) and everything booted fine from a USB.

With the new method (i.e. with the installer) it generates multiple partitions on the USB drive and does not properly create a rig.conf file. It only creates the example file. Hence when I boot the rig from the USB it asks for the rig_id and password that does not appears the be created in the Hive system.

Has anyone else seen this sorth of problem when flashing USB drives? I’ve tried multiple USB’s and they wind up with multiple partitions and no rig.config file.

Any reply’s welcome and appreciated.

Thanks, Greg

You have to download the rig.config file from the settings of the new rig. Then you have to place it on the USB drive after you have installed HiveOS on it.

Hello Sethtrosity,

Thanks for your response. The problem is that the new worker does not even show up in the Farm. My understanding was that if you just spcify the Farm_Hash the first_run would auto generate the rig_id and password.

Just go to your Farm, click the + symbol on the top right, and choose add worker. Click on Add Rig(s) and then choose connect existing. That will create a new rig and redirect you into it. Click on the orange “rig.config” link towards the bottom. It will download the config to your computer. Place that file on the root of your HIVE disk / usb.

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Hello Sethtrosity,

Thanks for your help, I’m up and running.



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