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Problems with hashrate

I bought two 3060TIs Palit brand. I use HiveOS for mining.
My hard is: asrock H81 Pro BTC, i5 CPU, 8GB ram. GPUs are connected to the MO through risers.
One GPU has been connected to the monitor and on the second one I use dummy HDMI.
So my problem is, that I make up to 80MH/s for two GPUs. Is that ok? Why I cannot bypass the limit? I even connected one GPU to x8 port (the big port) and removed the second one. Connected the monitor to that GPU and even after that I got limit ( I see that essage in NBMiner: Device 0: LHR Lock detected 1, wait to unlock)

What else can I do? What’s wrong? My speed is too slow and for ROI it’ll take 20(!!!) months, but when I bought the hardware I calculated and it should be 10-12 months. (Nicehash calculator)

I already installed OC settings.

Help me please, guys.

Same problem here, need help.

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