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Problems with since update on 24.01

maybe it doesnt have to do with the updaet… but i didnt changed nothing on pool site and there is no information that the pool has problems…
i am using
and the information after the update is
“Worker not authorized …”
is there maybe a problem / bug in transmitting the worker data to the pool?
maybe someone has the same problems ?
any idea ?

Last updates don’t carry any changes to Ethereum miners except Ethminer which Last version was change from Ethminer 0.17.0-rc2 to 0.17.0 release (but it’s very very minor change)

I know this is old, but I just ran into this today and could not find a solution documented anywhere. The way I got it working was to downgrade ethminer to 0.16.2. Is there a post somewhere outlining the setup for running newer versions of ethminer on mph? The old way of setting up the wallet no longer works.