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Problems RX570 8GB CudaGetDeviceCount returned error 38

For some time I have a problem with 8GB RX570 cards.![screen|690x384]
I get an error
CudaGetDeviceCount returned error 38
no CUDA-capable device is detected

There is one card at a time.
There are cases that zacyzna kick but most cards have 0Mh / s
HivOS was updated to the latest version, it didn’t help.

CUDA - it’s Nvidia technology not AMD
so it’s not error at all - just warning if you don’t have a Nvidia card(s) installed

Your AMD card has wrong BIOS or incorrect OC settings or bad riser that’s way you have zero hashrate (look at messages at bootom of screen)

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I have worked in the configuration I have for over a year.
The problem appeared after turning off the rig and a few days break.

After re-enabling, there were problems :frowning:

In this case, after the start I have two cards 0Mh / s

Since u r mining ETC
try using phoenix miner
and add (-amd ) parameter on your miner config

Something happens with your rig - check power cables, risers … Maybe your storage damaged
If it’s not helps then remove all cards except one and add it one-by-one …