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Problems after flashing my ZOTAC 3080ti with the latest version of EVGA bios

Hi everybody, i will try no be short in the description of my problem:
i decided to flash my 3080ti zotac trinity because i couldn´t get more than 82 mh/s.
So after a succesfully flash with the EVGA bios version i´m trying to get around 90 mh/s.
Im using nbminer because trex miner blocks my gpus toomuch so i considered that nbminer was like more stable. Also my overclockings are between 970 and 1200 for core clock; and between 1910 and 2600 for memory…
The problems are the following:
-i can´t get a stable hashrate, locker is always blocking my gpus
-sometimes my rig get disconnected from the internet.
- sometimes my gpus are lost (first temperature or fan speed then hiveos showsme n/a in some of them
- and many other different problems that i cannot solve right now.
So if you know some possible solutions i would be very greateful

What did you expect, if you are flashing a BIOS from another manufacturer?
If the BIOS were coded for the boundaries of EVGA parts, ofc it will cause random problems with a Zotac card…

For the other problems:

Constant LHR lock means you have a too strong OC, especially using no limit on the power draw. v2 LHR cards have blocks both in hardware and software, so if the card draws “normal” amount of power, it doesen’t matter how good OC you set, the card gets minig blocked instantly

Fluctuating hashrate (on the rig, not the pool) and lost GPUs beacuse of temp or fan speed can be solved by:

  • trying out different drivers
  • use less agressive OC
  • put a different complete set of riser (riser, usb cable, connecting port) under them, or you can try to change the pcie power cables to both the card and the riser, check if it makes any difference.

The rig “loses connection to the internet” is another symptom of the problems I’ve mentioned above. Because using the wrong software and hardware combination can result in bad memory reading and communication between the parts, wich makes HiveOS freeze, wich it communicates as “lost connection” towards the outside.

Try using the following setup for your Zotac:

  • HiveOS v0.6-212
  • Nvidia driver 470.74
  • NBminer v40.1

on the card:

  • 1200 cclk
  • 2200 mem
  • 280 PL

I have two 3080 Ti’s they both do 86 MH/s with these settings, without any downtime.

Hola cuanto Mh están obteniendo con una Zotac 3080ti? Y como la tienen configurada?

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